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A Swiss Pharmaceutical Company
QUALITY POLICY Amicus Company is committed to distribute “world-class” medicines, dietary supplements and medical devices that contribute to the health and well being of global community. Medicines released by Amicus meet the highest standards for quality, safety, efficiency. We are committed to successful collaboration with all our customers, partners and stakeholders to ensure their expectations and needs. We are committed to provide the training to all our employees in their relevant and required areas, to increase their efficiency and competency, to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners. Health and safety and environment protection are integral part of our quality strategy. We are committed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, GxP, compliance regulations, codes standards and legal requirements. Amicus Company will continuously improve its processes and always deliver products and services of reliable quality, with an aim to be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in countries in which Amicus operates. CERTIFICATES Quality is one of central company’s aims, alongside with safety, environmental protection and profitability. Amicus Company has established documented Quality Management System, which includes requirements of EU GDP, EU GMP, ISO 9001. All Amicus’ employees are committed to implement the quality management system in accordance with the relevant standards and our continuous business aim is improvement of its efficacy. Competent local and international institutions regularly conduct audits in Amicus Company, while compliance with regulations has been verified by the issue of ISO 9001 certificates: ISO 9001 2015 certificate, Serbian office HACCP Certificate, Serbian office ISO 9001 2015 certificate, Slovenian office