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AMICUS THERAPEUTIC FOCUS As we are geographically focused on the countries of former Yugoslavia and the Baltics, which while complex, are small markets, Amicus is systematically focused in taking on business within that narrow geography.  That said, we hope to emphasize the following areas: OTCs / Open Market in Serbia / Other candidate EU coutries – preferably established brands or products with Unique Selling Propositions; Out of pocket / largely non-reimbursed product, in areas of critical unmet needs or with preventive health / lifestyle (especially derma / aesthetics, fertility or novel concept); Modern, high tech, professionally-positioned products with a compelling medical proposition (evidence based medicine / significant clinical impact), especially in oncology/hematology, nephrology, transplantation medicines, GI and other specialty.  Prefer patented and / or otherwise differentiated products, first-wave biosimilars; Products with rapid regulatory pathways: Medical Devices / Food Supplements / Cosmetics and products with existing registrations; Purchase of existing brands or platforms.
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