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COMPLIANCE: Top Priority & Core Value at Amicus Amicus’ entire leadership team is devoted to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards at our company. This is the top priority of all employees and is deep in our company culture. The company has already passed several MNC QA/GDP, Regulatory, PV, Medical and Compliance audits. We understand that the very success of our company depends upon a vigilant respect for, and flawless execution of, our partners’ compliance standards. We adjust and adapt our compliance system to our partners’ standards. Our default is always to the higher and more difficult standard Amicus Code of Business Conduct Statement Charter Ethics and Compliance Committee
A Swiss Pharmaceutical Company
COMPLIANCE HOTLINE Employees and Partners may contact Business Ethics Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and collect calls (reverse charges) will be accepted. If you are aware of a situation that you believe may be unlawful or unethical, you can contact Amicus’ Ethics Hotline: For Non EU Countries: +381 11 44 26 345 or in emergencies/ 24-7 at +381 63 347 394 For Slovenia and Croatia +386 1 235 5109 or in emergencies/ 24-7at +386 30 220 942 For the Baltic Countries +370 686 08276 or in emergencies/ 24-7: Estonia +372 640 1030 Latvia +371 6 770 8347 Lithuania +370 5 236 9140 Or via email to compliance@amicuspharma.eu If you are not satisfied with the reply you have received or if you would like to get another opinion, you can contact Michael Seeley at michael.seeley@amicuspharma.eu